Small Bathroom Makeovers – Bathroom Tiles

There must be a time that after you take a pee or a poop you noticed that you need to remodel your bathroom. You may notice some damage or permanent dirt or stain on the bathroom floor, sink toilet, that a general bathroom cleaning cannot suffice. Or it’s just that mere human nature that tells you that you are unsatisfied of the looks of your bathroom.

If we try to look in a wider perspective, remodeling a bathroom is not included as basic need for us to survive everyday. That would be correct, but if you’ve got the cash and an urge to remodel your bathroom, then you are free to do so, after all it’s your bathroom anyway.

Remodeling a bathroom isn’t a simple task, it requires art, budget, and of course, a determination to reach those moldy, stinky, and dirty corners of the bathroom to be replaced. This hub will give home owners some tips and information on the art of bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Tiles

There are countless designs and kinds of tiles for the bathroom. Most home owners look for latest trends in bathroom tiles.Some of the most exciting types of bathroom tiles are hardwood,copper,and,stainless tiles.

Hardwood Tiles

They add a fresh feeling to a bathroom, looks tropical and cool. The advantage of this kind of material is that it normalizes the temperature of the room. When you are living or located on a cold place, hardwood tiles tend to regulate the temperature, as we know, this material is not a good conductor.

But these hardwood tiles are quite expensive. You may try looking for laminated tile. It looks like this hardwood type but its not that expensive.

Copper Tiles

Copper tiles have many advantages, copper lasts long, it could withstand through hundreds of years. Copper can also withstand fire, corrosion, and weather conditions. The beauty of this element is that as it gets older(usually from 20- 25 years), the color changes from bronze to green. This process is known to prevent oxidation.

Medical and health advantages on this material is that it actually prevents certain strains of bacteria to proliferate on its surface. A bacteria strain known as E. coli O157:H7 (through scientific studies) is said to only thrive for hours on copper surface compared to stainless tiles. So this material is not only useful on the bathroom. It can also be used on kitchen sinks.

Stainless Tiles

Stainless tile is trending nowadays. Many tile manufacturers have produced this material as they have notice that this material is popular to home owners. There are many advantages when using this material. First, metal will last for a long period. It could withstand fire, cold, and changes of humidity. It has the ability of malleability in which it could be bent or shaped without causing it to break. This property is an advantage when used as a tile on a bathroom. Another advantage is that it is rust free. Another advantage that most home owners are attracted to this material is that it can be easily cleaned, just a wipe away then it would be all shiny again.

But, there are also a disadvantage. Metal is a good conductor which means wen you are in a cold place it would easily let cold temperatures travel to its surface affecting the bathroom temperature. Too cold to take a bath, another extra dollar for electricity to turn on the heaters. As it is a good conductor, electricity could pass through it. Electric shock might be the worst case scenario when not handling electricity properly near metal tiles.


Glass tiles gives an effect of cool to a room. According to some of interior designers, glass tiles are fun to work on. Other than the hard and sturdy elements of glass, it offers a lot of variations and designs. You can choose any kind of color on your glass. You can choose any kind of design you want. Or you could even customize your glass tile. Glass tiles have unlimited choices, no wonder interior designers are fun of using this material on the kitchen and bathrooms.